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Which College—and Which Major—Will Make You Richest?

A Bachelor of Science from Harvey Mudd College, the small California science and engineering school, is the most valuable college degree in America.

Stanford’s computer science program pays off more than any single major in the country.

For the best dollar-for-dollar investment, nothing beats the University of Virginia.

As those three (all true) facts illustrate, there are many ways to answer the question What’s the most valuable college education in the country? Every year PayScale, the largest private tracker of U.S. salaries, tries to answer the question. This year they released their findings in an elegant site that you can play with here. They also shared their hard data with The Atlantic, which we used to do some further calculations.

Read more. [Image: Wikimedia Commons]

The site is cool, but you should just figure that

"NOTHING BEATS THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA" should be our motto forever I guess.

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